Jumat, 29 Januari 2010


I was came here
For a vacancy
At the beginnings of the last decade
Of twenty century
J heard KIZZ
Cursed by my cousins
As the satanic server

I was came again
At the mid of nineties
As the new student
of the faculty of letters
University of Sam Ratulangi
I learned that the New Order
Was already infiltrated campus
As a machinery hands
They treated me to drop out
When I participated in a demonstration
That protested some pungli**

I was came here to finished my degree
At the last year of twenty century
The internet is already revolutionizing
The people and the city
And I am actually shocked
By this new media
I was a man
That grown up with the typewriter

I was came here from the sea
At the mid of the first decade
Of the twenty one century
I saw my city
The city of Manado was walled
By the hyper market
And my fellow citizen:
The Minahasan people
deported back
To the highlands

*Written in English,
Read for the first time with rock n blues
In Malendong Rock Concert,
Faculty of letters university of Sam Ratulangi Manado,2002

** A type of corruption in the New Order’s era

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